Marketing Specialist

I help companies implement lead generation tactics, optimize their conversion rates and promote customer retention through engagement and rewards. As a result, I can create landing pages that convert, track KPIs that matter, generate actionable insights and optimize paid ad campaigns based on best practices.

My resourcefulness and results driven approach to digital marketing has allowed me to develop effective strategies and implement tactics that raise awareness, drive sales and encourage brand loyalty. I have experience working in various industries such as manufacturing, retail, service and software (SaaS).

Tech Enthusiast

Teaching People Online

I truly enjoy learning new skills and so I am now in the process of creating online learning courses where I will teach the marketing and software skills I have developed over the past decade. I am using Camtasia to record and edit my first course, which will be launched on Udemy!

Working at a Standing Desk

In 2013, after years of being frustrated by back pain and low energy levels in the afternoon, I made the switch to a standing desk with my first DIY iteration using cinder blocks and patio stones! After a few more mods, I made the leap and bought a home office solution by Focal Upright because I was impressed by Martin Keen‘s vision for better functioning products!

Living a Healthy Lifestyle

When I’m not working, I enjoy being out in nature taking in the sun, or at home, cooking, entertaining friends and watching inspiring videos on Gaia. I also love travelling and discovering the cultures and traditions of people around the world. Tibet, Australia and Greece are still high on my bucket list!